The Future of Work

The world of work is changing and that's good for women. Learn about the four key catalysts driving the role of women at work and the six traits they bring to the table.

Death of the Diversity Council

Companies that continue to do business 1980s style will suffer - and so will their women. 

Networking 101

Networking in your own company by itself is way too limiting. Go out of your comfort zone to get a view of the competitive landscape, advisory council positions and more.

Smart Companies Invest In Their Employees with Ellevate

Smart companies are beginning to figure out that women bring qualities to work that make our companies more innovative, our bottom lines stronger, and our workplaces better. 

Ellevate is a means for women to take action to help themselves - and other women - move ahead. We provide the resources needed to drive gender equality in your company. 


"As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats! Ellevate provides the opportunity for us to help lift each other – by sharing ideas, experiences, learnings, and building a community of support. That opportunity for collaboration and teamwork is valuable no matter what point you’re at in your career."

Michelle Guida

SVP, Corporate Communications, Weber Shandwick

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"Ellevate’s value proposition is compelling and in my opinion, it is one of the best-positioned organizations to deliver on the promise of empowering women in the workplace and in life. Even though gender diversity is a global issue, Ellevate’s approach for making it extraordinarily local really is important to make a positive impact.”

Ellyn Shook

Chief Leadership & Human Resources Officer, Accenture

Overwhelmed with your employee resource programs or internal women's groups and not seeing results? 

Ellevate Chair, Sallie Krawcheck, shares why well-meaning diversity & inclusion initiatives no longer work, how the world of work is changing, and her rules for networking in this free excerpt of Own It: The Power of Women at Work.

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