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What is an Ellevate Chapter Leader?

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Chapter Leaders are committed, passionate ambassadors on the ground in your region. They're the brilliant members behind your local events like Mix and Mingles, Mentoring Meetups, speaker events, Leadership Lunches and more. They're committed to helping women take advantage of what Ellevate offers, and they're here to be a resource for the Ellevate community in their local chapter.

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We get it, you're a professional woman who's got a lot going on. 
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If you're still interested in learning how to get involved with Ellevate, check out our membership benefits.

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Ellevate is designed to provide a diverse, cross-industry community for women to lean on and learn from; we believe that opportunities for networking, education, and business development are strengthened when women in the community come together from different backgrounds have a variety of experiences to draw on.

Ellevate Chapters are led by passionate ambassadors who believe in our Values. Chapters hold local events in your region, bringing together women in the community from different industries, job functions, and levels of experience -- and all of them want to see you succeed. Ellevate membership allows you to join any/ every chapter you like, so you are welcome to join us no matter where you are.

At Ellevate Network, we are committed to helping professional women succeed. 


What is an Ellevate Chapter?