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Over 1 million fewer women were in the labor force in January 2022 as compared to February 2020.

According to the National Women’s Law Center, women continue to fall behind men in recouping labor force losses due to ongoing lack of resources and support, as of February 2022.

So, what’s next for the 1 million women who have left or lost their jobs? How can you help them return to work today? Through EllevateHER Forward, a fellowship granting fund, sponsor a woman so she can gain access to the right tools and resources for her to find a career that she loves. Make a difference and contribute today.

Ellevate is a strong touchpoint for me to stay "in the game" during many transitions in my career/personal life. I am so grateful for my first squad and Squad Mod who were embracing and encouraging. I'd highly recommend Ellevate. Since my situation is a mixed bag, not everything applies 100% to my situation, but the enrichment I'm receiving is indelible. Thank you.

- EllevateHER Fellow, 2021

Each fellow receives a year of:

Access to Customized Ellevate Programs

As an EllevateHER Forward Fellow, you'll get access to customize your own Ellevate Program. Attend free weekly Roundtables designed for Rising Leaders, Career Changers, and Entrepreneurs, as well as discounts for Executive Roundtables and in-person events.

Join a Squad twice throughout the year. The 12-week program is designed for you to dive deep into your challenges in a safe space, get a different perspective, receive feedback and build the confidence you need to tackle anything that comes your way, at a time most convenient to your schedule.

Community of Supportive, Driven Women

Make your future a priority by building meaningful relationships with women who want to see you succeed. Get recommendations of people you should meet, easily message and chat with women from all industries and backgrounds through our platform.


NEW! Access to Skillsoft's Percipio App

Skillsoft, a global leader in corporate digital learning, focused on transforming today’s workforce for tomorrow’s economy, has designed the Percipio App - an immersive learning platform designed to help sharpen existing and acquire new skills required for the jobs of today and tomorrow. EllevateHER Forward Fellows will receive exclusive access.


Access to Local Support, via Ellevate Chapters

In our coffee chats, happy hours, and workshops hosted around the world, EllevateHER Forward Fellows can have fun and sharpen their skills while building relationships in their city, no matter where they are.



Access to Ellevate's Programs

Ellevate’s programs designed for Rising Leaders, Career Changers, Managers, Entrepreneurs, or Executives, create safe spaces for women to listen and learn from peers focused on similar questions. They are designed to provide validation, emotional support, and motivation, not to mention career opportunities and advice through a variety of community building and learning formats.

Apply to be an EllevateHER Forward Fellow

If you are one of the 1 million women still looking for a job with the pay and work-balance you need, you’re in the right place. You shouldn’t have to feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Let us help you through an EllevateHER Forward Fellowship - you’re not alone.

Get access to the resources you deserve and meet the people who will guide you on your return-to-work journey. Apply to be an EllevateHER Forward Fellow today.

Applications for our EllevateHER Forward Fellowship will remain open until Sunday, April 24th. 

If you have lost your job, been furloughed, or have been economically impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic, you’re in the right place. If you have been feeling like the weight on your shoulders is too heavy to carry, you’re not alone. 

Through EllevateHER Forward, and the support of our 250,000+ strong coalition, we are granting women like yourself a year-long comprehensive membership package. 

We want you to be able to go back into the workplace, grow your business, find your next mentor, and aim for the career you deserve.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our community and witness the amazing things you will accomplish. 

Champions and Sponsors

We can't do it alone. Your company can be a champion for women impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
For more information, please contact

The Ally

Help 10 women return to work

The Champion

Help 40 women return to work

Thank You to our past sponsors and Contributors

With your contributions in past years, we've helped over 500 women get access to the resources they deserve through their EllevateHER Forward Fellowship.

Rola A.
Bobbi A.
Janet A.
Nicole  A.
Berica A.
Ellen A.
Emma B.
Natalie B.
Karen B.
Kimberly B.
Manjima B.
Nicole B.
Deb B.
Kerry B.
Carrie B.
Megan B.
Dr. Judy B.
Janet C.
Kim C.
Kathy C.

Julie C.

Cathy C.
Erica C.
Dawne D.
Adriana D.
Laura D.
Tracy D.
Lindsey D.
Rachel D.
Erica E.
Kari F.
Emily F.
Michelle F.
Camille F.
Kim F.
Cristina G.
Jeanmarie G.
Julia G.
Cori H.
Janet H.

Sara H.
Cathy H.

Eileen H.
Kristen H.
Toni H.
Katerina H.
Melanie H.
Jackie H.
Julie H.
Ariel H.
Sophia J.
Katie J.
Donah J.
Elyssa K.
Karen K.
Sheryl K.
Sarah K.
Elyse K.
Barbara K.
Julia K.

Lori L.
Wendy L.
Daisy L.

Carmen L.
Arlene M.
Kris M.
Julie M.
Lori M.
Rita M.
Dr. Joynicole M.
Ruth M.
Rachel M.
Kavya M.
Kelly N.
Mairead O.
Nicole O.
Christine O.
Sara P.
Melanie P.
Summer P.

Cynthia P.
Terry P.
Ruchi P.

Annette P.

Lindsay P.
Rachel P.
Kathleen Q.
Kelsey R.
Sarah R.
Jenny R.
Liza R.
Patricia R.
Bijou R.
Myra R.
Tea R.
Kathleen R.
Amy R.
Robin R.
Jennifer R.
Kelly R.

Ariane S.
Mayra S.
Rebecca S.
Amanda S.

Karen S.

Becca S.
Nicole S.
Rosa S.
Dottie S.
Emma S.
Lori S.
Michaelene S.
Jen S.
Monica T.
Luboslava U.
Silvia V.
Alessandra W.
Ellen W.
Kara W.
Wanda W.
Mallory W.
Jennefer W.
Natalie Y.
Wendy Z.
Janet Z.

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About Ellevate Network
Founded in 1997 as 85 Broads, Ellevate Network is the largest community of women+ at work. A powerful coalition of ambitious and supportive women who believe there is strength in numbers, Ellevate is built on the premise of showing up for each other, helping everyone — no matter their background or aspirations — build a career they love, and mobilizing the collective
power of women to change the culture of business. Ellevate also works with companies committed to diversity and inclusion and has a proven track record of changing business culture from the inside out.

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3 job posts on Ellevate's platform
Inclusion in Ellevate's weekly newsletter

Recognition on social media and press release
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Inclusion in dedicated email to EllevateHER Forward recipients
5 job posts on Ellevate's platform
Inclusion in Ellevate's weekly newsletter

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Obé Fitness Contributers

With your contributions in past years, we've helped over 500 women get access to the resources they deserve through their EllevateHER Forward Fellowship.

Thank you to our 2022 Sponsor

The Ambassador

Help 20 women return to work

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I got laid off from a great job recently. Being a woman over 50, I believe women like me still have much to offer. With that in mind, I want to launch an initiative to help professional women over 50 years old to secure fulfilling opportunities and believe a fellowship like EllevateHER Forward would make this initiative possible through an extensive network and personal/professional development opportunities.

- EllevateHER Fellow, 2020

Thank you for selecting me to be part of this Fellowship! It helped lift me up during the struggles that the pandemic has brought on professionally and personally. I have learned that the kind of professional I would like to be is much more inclusive of all the other parts of my life - I am human, not a robot. And though I am still in the process of finding new employment because it has been a struggle, I am optimistic

- EllevateHER Fellow, 2021