Mobilize Women 2019
                                                                        New York City
                                                                         June 21, 2019

Mobilize Women 2019

Join us for our full-day Action Summit in New York City. We know women have power, now it’s time to use that power to build the world we want to see. Early bird tickets now available!

The Ellevate Mobilize Women Experience

We believe that when ambitious professional women who share our values get more opportunity — to have a voice in important conversations, to steer our collective economic power towards that which we care about — it ultimately benefits everyone, and leads to a more equal world.  We know women are powerful, now it’s time to use that power to build the world we want to see. It’s time to mobilize.

Our audience spans every industry, and they hold leadership positions within them.

The #MobilizeWomen Summit sees attendees from Finance, Technology, Non-Profit & Social Enterprise, Professional Training, Coaching, Healthcare, Management Consulting, Legal, Education, Insurance, Marketing, Advertising, and more. 

Featured 2019 Speakers

Have your company's voice represented in these important conversations. Topics we'll cover include:

Sallie Krawcheck

Chair, Ellevate
CEO, Ellevest

Kristy Wallace

CEO, Ellevate

Changing the Culture of Business (From the Inside Out)
How can you exercise your social capital inside your organization? Often, we tend to think that change can only come from those at the very top, however the research shows that much of the impact on changing the culture of business comes from middle managers, first time managers, and those coming up the ranks.

Effectively Leading a Cross- Generational Workforce
If we’re going to embrace diversity at work, then we need to understand the reality of having a multi-generational workplace. Having many generations work side-by-side doesn’t have to mean a constant bumping of heads. How do we create an environment where ages and differences in experience are embraced and appreciated? How do we encourage building a workplace based on trust and authenticity? How do we promote positive conflict within our teams to come up with innovative solutions? We’ll talk about solutions that work from the experts who have used these game-changing ideas, and show you how you can bring this mindset into your organization — so embracing differences becomes a part of your culture, and you continue to attract top talent.

Intersectional Identities
Diversity has become a buzzword today -- but when people talk about diversity they tend to focus on a few things — and many of these things are rooted in stereotypes. The reality is diversity has many layers, and it’s this intersectionality which makes us all different. How can we work to eradicate these stereotypes when we talk about diversity and use this mindset to help us shape a truly inclusive future? This conversation is designed to help us envision and work toward a world that accepts people for who they are (and gives them opportunities!), respects the decisions they make, their belief systems and backgrounds, and appreciates everyone’s unique experiences. After all… our differences are what make us stronger.

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80% of attendees held ten years or more of experience in their industries.

                                Of those 80%:

  • 38% had over 20 years of professional experience
  • 40% had 10-20 years of professional experience
  • 12% had 0-10 years of professional experience 

Last year, Mobilize Women received 
social impressions of 3 million+ reach and over 300 attendees.

Being surrounded by so many bright, talented, supportive, creative and articulate women was inspiring and invigorating. I made fabulous connections with Ellevate staff, fellow volunteers and attendees throughout the day.

"As a young female professional at a small firm this type of event can really be a game changer for my career and for growing my network."

"What a fabulous inaugural event—the speakers and panels were interesting, informative, and eclectic and you seemed to have attracted a truly diverse group of women, who were highly engaged with the program."


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Janae Marie Kroc

World champion powerlifter, champion bodybuilder, published author, 
a U.S. Marine

DeRay McKesson

Civil Rights Activist

America's Top Young Scientist, 2017

Gitanjali Rao
Valerie Jarrett

Senior advisor to the Obama Foundation and Attn 

Vice President, 
Social and Environmental Responsibility, Patagonia

Cara Chacon

Astronaut StarBright; advocate, speaker, philanthropist,

Taylor Richardson
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