We’re lucky to work with experts who know a thing or two about what it takes to get your worth. 

Read up on how to become a better negotiator, watch and listen to our experts for their top tips, and check out Negotiable, a new way to think about how to negotiate in your everyday life.

Ellevate Network believes that providing professional women with the resources they need to be successful at work is the key to changing the world. Our community of professional women is highly accomplished, working towards gender equality every day. 

"I think it has been helpful for me to have regular online sessions on relevant topics and a variety of online resources available - keeps one actively thinking on how to continuously improve!" 

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"I enjoy the podcasts and articles provided by Ellevate. The content is very relatable and can be applied to my current position."

You know that the gender pay gap is real, and that there are many factors behind it  — unconscious bias, inequity in promotion opportunities, the “motherhood penalty,” just to name a few — but we also know that women have the power to start closing that gap. 

When more women ask for and receive their worth at work, the women who come after them will have a better chance of getting theirs, too. 

The larger impact starts with you. 

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Take your negotiation skills to the next level with Negotiable.

Negotiable provides videos, worksheets, and assessments to help you develop your negotiation skills, not just for your career, but in your everyday life. 

Created by social psychologist and Columbia Business School Professor Daniel Ames, Negotiable is dedicated to helping people improve their abilities to negotiate effectively, to manage conflict constructively, and to solve problems collectively.

Highlight video from Negotiable:
Define Success

Before starting any negotiation conversation, you first need to know what you’re hoping to achieve. Watch this quick guide on how to define what a successful negotiation looks like for you — and how to stay on track to get there.

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by Maggie Germano
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with Deepali Vyas, 
Recruiter and Coach at Hedrick & Struggles

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