We've learned - women are best when they can be themselves.

As the world of work has become more complex, linear career paths grow less and less common. This is good news! Each career change leads to new opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Ellevate Network is committed to supplying the resources our community needs to evaluate their options when they reach career crossroads, and helping women of all industries find the path that’s right for them. 

We are proud to share stories from women who have made tremendous changes in their lives and thrived.

Ellevate Network is a place where ambitious, supportive professional women come together to form a community to lean on and learn from.

Ellevate Network believes that providing professional women with the resources they need to be successful at work is the key to changing the world. Our community of professional women is highly accomplished, working towards gender equality every day. 

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“Everyone on the planet is amazing, and has gifts that no one else has. And it's time now to do the inner work to pave the way for the outer success of knowing who you are, knowing what you have to offer, and being courageous enough to go for that.”
- Kathy Caprino

Stories from Part One:

  • Kathy Caprino, “Getting Over the Career Slump”
  • Deepali Vyas, “Speaking Up and Getting What You’re Worth”
  • Caroline Ceniza-Levine, “Talking Career Transitions and Negotiations”
  • Jennefer Witter, “Resilience and Public Relations”
  • Karen Davis-Farage, “Finding a New Path”
  • Amanda Veinott, “Military Veterans and Career Transitions”
  • Sally Hubbard, “Killing It”
  • Betty Liu, “Emotional Intelligence”
  • May Busch, “Creating Value and Staying Interested”
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